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Hi, I have been diagnosed with Arthritis in my neck and shoulders, I am new to this and struggling a bit with what to do for the best having always been very active and independent.
Some of the things I need to know are how to keep things going, like housework, ironing, gardening. Hubby says I should rest, but surely the exercise will help?
Any advice for a new sufferer will be gratefully received.


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    Hello desjumeaux and welcome to the forum though, as we tend to say, I'm sorry you had to find us. Arthritis does tend to mess up our lives and plans but, hopefully, you'll be able to remain active and independent. I'm guessing yours is osteo?

    Ah the husband v wife thing - I know it well! I'm going to sit on the fence here. You are right in that exercise will help to keep the muscles strong and joints protected but your husband is also right in that you do need to rest affected joints. What this means, in practice, is keep doing stuff but don't overdo it. Arthritic joints dislike repetetive actions, such as ironing. Learn to recognise the signs when yours have had enough and stop then. (I'll warn you, it's invariably at a point where it's a nuisance to stop :roll:) Little and often is the way forward.

    If you look at the Publications and Resources button (top right) you'll see that AC produce several informative leaflets, one of which is on exercise. Also, if you copy this post to the Living With Arthritis forum, I'm sure you'll gets lots more replies. Good luck!
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    Thank you, it is frustrating not knowing how much to do. I suppose it will be common sense in the end. I guess I will have to change my routine.
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    Not necessarily common sense, desjumeau. Most of us only learn the theory. We all do too much at times then suffer payback. If it was worth it then fair enough. However, if you can be flexible in your routine it will help a lot.
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    Hi there desjumeauex

    Sorry if l spelt your username wrong :oops:

    I get OA in the neck and back too so can totally sympathise. I have inflammatory arthris of some description too.

    You do need to rest, but it is also good to 'do' something as well. I go swimming and also walk on a treadmill.

    Do something then rest for a bit is my motto :)

    welcome welcome and l look forward to seeing you around on the forums.


    Toni xx
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    HI there I've just joined & read your post, I'm from the north east too. I have rheumatoid arthritis diagnosed a year ago & feeling down at the mo. Heres hoping we get the support we are needing !!!!
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    Hi desjumeaux
    I'm also from the north east and I have recently been diagnosed with OA.
    THis site is really welcoming and people are really friendly and offer advice gladly.
    I'm also in a similar conundrum of wanting to exercise but needing to realise my own limits. It's a frustrating battle some days but as long as I listen to my body and don't overdo it i'm ok!