The word 'Disability' and other helpful things

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Evening all,

Bit of a mixed question this but hopefully I'll explain it right.

I was recntly diagnosed with chronic arthritis of the lumbar spine, had the MRI scan and a huge report done. My GP has prescribed me with Tramadol, Amitriptyline, artificial saliva (because my mouth gets dry as cotton with the tablets) and Paracetamol. I have been told I will always be on medication.

I've been having the most amazing backache for a few months, naturally I knew it was not just the usual aches and pains I've experienced. I was, even though I'm a rufty tufty police officer, very upset about the findings. Telling my bosses at work wasn't something I enjoyed but in order to protect folk and myself it was advised by the GP.

It's become apparent at work that little is known about the ailment I have, I on the other hand read everything (bit dim so I like it in black and white!). The first question I got was 'how longs it going to last?', this was followed by ' is it really a disability?'. Now as I read it and have been told I have what I have, pain relief and excercises may help but i now have this for life. Secondly Under the Equality Act I have a physical impairment that has a substantial ie not minor or trivial effect that is having a long-term effect on my ability to perform normal day to day activities, i no longer get out and about as much shopping, going for walks etc. Am I right in my thinking???.

My wife jokes that I need a blue badge for my car, joking aside (and i do like a laugh) the pain after a short trip can be enough to bring a tear to my eye. I'm embarrassed to say it but even though I'm only 42 is that something I could apply for?. I'm in full time employment so Im not after claiming anything as I dont think I'd be allowed to anything anyway.

It's all very complicated to me, I've still got loads to read but all I seem to get at work is 'sounds like my back' or 'I've got a bad back'. I'd relish sound advice, lets face it you don't think exactly clearly on the medication do you!.

Sorry to waffle anyway and thank you for reading, any assistance is greatly appreciated.