Why is it that...

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...the day I finally manage to persuade my doctor to x-ray my painful hip that has been hurting for nigh on 4 years, my hip stops hurting and my shoulder starts up?

It reminds me of the time I went to see an infertility doctor, only to be told I was pregnant. Or the time I stayed in all day for a delivery, only to miss the guy when I popped out to the garden for 5 minutes.

My hip's been relatively OK ever since. Which is both good and annoying. The shoulder is playing Hokey-Cokey (in, out, in, out, shake it all about) but nothing new there. So all in all, its a slightly irritating mystery.

Or is arthritis one of those things that likes to disappear when you look at it, kind of like ninjas?


  • skezier
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    Hi Annah,

    Its sods law rule 36 I think but the x-ray will still show whats there and the underlying problem there so its not all lost.

    I hope that it will back off for you for a while and also that the x-ray results will help get some decent treatment.

    We tell folks to take pics of the swelling etc in case its not there when they are seen and also to keep a pain diary as it can help again when you see the consultant. nice to meet you and welcome to the forums Cris x
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    Ah, Annah, teeth do it too: agony for three days, make an appointment with the dentist and lo! All better! :wink: DD

    PS Just to save tjt the typing - of course the appointment was for 2.30. :)
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    Noope I think you got it about right, happens all the time to me, post op it was all over the place it could be totally calm for weeks then it would start up and got down hill in short order then after a week or so it would bugger off again and the cycle repeats, even now it does my head in as when I feel OK I always over do it and kicks it all off again!.
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    Its sods lawrule 36 that when I buy something the same shop is guaranteed to have a sale the next day. Bought my kids school uniform, arrived monday, and now same shop has a 20% reduction sale on school clothes :roll: I could parcel it all up and return it then reorder for 20% less I suppose!

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    Tis s*ds law for sure :roll:

    Mind as Cris (skezier) points out, hopefully, any damage will still show.


    Toni xxx
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    Annah wrote:
    Or is arthritis one of those things that likes to disappear when you look at it, kind of like ninjas?

    Ah, if only!

    I feel a cure coming on. The newly patented Zap-a-Pain glasses. For sale on this forum. Triple lenses for gazing at three joints at once. You heard it here first, folks. Warning - do not look directly at family members while wearing the glasses (apart from the really annoying ones).
  • tjt6768
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    Whatever could you mean Madam DD :shock: As if my jokes are THAT bad :lol::lol:

    Oooh, Sticky, can I buy a pair??? :D Have lots of annoying family members :?

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