Hello all I'm a newbie any advice please

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Hello every one my name is Kirsty and I'm new on here. i have just been diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my hips. i'm 40 years old and it has took me a year to get diagnosed with it because my doctors thought i was too young!! lol. my left hip is worse than my right but the pain is still bad enough to have me in tears :(

i have just had my medical for ESA and i have been kicked off because im apparently well enough for work. to be honest arthritis is not my only health problem but it is the most painful. when i went for my medical i tried to do what i could but i think i was wrong in doing that. my DLA claim was kicked out to.

I'm going to appeal about the decision and give it my best shot. does any one have any advice for me please :) all will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

kirsty xx


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    HI Kirsty,

    Just wanted to say welcome to the forum - but sorry you've had to find us.

    I cant help with your appeal as I've never been through the process, but I'm sure someone else will be along later to give you some support and advice. Hope it all goes well
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    I have multiple disabilities and it's getting harder and harder to cope with everyday life. Thankfully, social services assessed me as deserving of help, so I do get a bit of support in the form of Direct Payments, which pays for my carer.

    It is ironic that the DWP don't think I'm disabled, but social services do, but I mention this because it is perfectly possible to get help even if you're not on DLA or ESA.

    Good luck with appealing, but please don't let the DWP's very narrow definition of 'disability' upset you or make you feel like a fraud. I went through that and now I think I was rather silly to be upset about it. Annoyed, sure, and fed up that my difficulties were not being recognised, but not upset. There are plenty of people with genuine difficulties who are in the same boat as us.

    In the meantime, good luck with the appeals.
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    Hi Kirsty,

    I am 32 i have inflammatory arthritis and oa. My Oa is in hips and knees so like you i understand how painful it can be, like you i too have been classed fit for work and again like you i have been turned down for dla.

    Regarding ESA, i went to CAB and they have helped put together my appeal papers, including letter from doctor. I still have no date so am waiting..
    DLA, i have been turned down twice. I am due to have work done on a toilet downstairs with the help of my OT so i am waiting till i have OT and my doctor to back me up again and i shall try again and see how i go.

    I would definately speak to CAB and i know a few areas have a disability advice line too , may be worth checking your area see what help you have available.

    Wish you well and let us know how you are getting on.
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    Hello Kirsty, it's nice to meet you and I am sorry that you have had to find us. So many people (including some GPs) are under the impression that arthritis is a thing for the elderly, but as you and I (and a fair few others on here!) know, that is anything but the case. I cannot help on the benefits side of things as I have no experience of that but there are many threads on the LWA part of the forum (Living With Arthritis) about appealing etc. It takes time and energy but is often successful and I concur with Traluvie that it is worth contacting the CAB for help with this. I wish you well and hope to see your name here and there on the other forums. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    hello everyone,

    thank you for your kind words, it means a lot.

    why is it that DWP's is so very narrow minded? to be honest if i could function normally (as so many of us on here think) as a usual healthy adult does, then that would be great but that is not to be. they make me feel like i am just making it all up. i will be strong an fight them :) and so where i get.

    once again thank you

    kirsty xx
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    Hi Kirsty, you need to get intouch with CAB and they will help you by assigning you a benifits advisor who helps with forms and collects all information needed for the appeal they also go with you as a sort of back up to speak up for you.

    My dad had to go through it, they said he was fit for work even though he has had 3 heart attacks, he has severe arthritis in his lower back, the blood isnt flowing though his body properly as his heart is still not fixed so he could die at anytime, he has angina, depression and hes only 51.

    When he went for the appeal he got it as the benifit advisor went with him. She also said to him that after the appeal you get a medical form to fill out and that she would fill it in for him aswell as its how the form is worded, if its worded properly they wont ask you to go for another medical.

    I hope this is a help to you :)
    Keep strong and fight for what you deserve :P

    Cat x
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    Hi Kirsty, I'm new on here so have only just read your story. Like you I lost out to an ESA medical but I decided not to appeal. I did read on the directgov website about how they award the points and I think I was too honest with my answers, as you probably were too! A friend did give me some good advice which i havent taken up yet but it was to go to the local disability advice centre and ask them to fill in the form for you, they know how to answer the questions far better than we do. I am considering applying for dla and will go to my disability advice centre for their help in completing the form.
    Good luck with the appeal
    Smudge x
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    Hi kirsty

    l am so sorry about the arthritis AND not only that the problem of having to deal with DLA and ESA :roll:

    Lots of folks on here have not got either or both of those benefits it has got SO hard these days :(

    I imagine you have done a search on here for DLA and then ESA. You should get lots of helpful advice. My only advice is to NOT attempt to go it alone. Get CAB or DIAL to help you.


    Toni xxx
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    Hi kirsty and welcom sounds like your having a hard time at the mo they dont make things easy do they ,i havnt had to go down that road yet but it sounds like a nightmare :( lets hope your appeal goes ok keep on trying :)