Arthritis Gloves

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Hi All

Does anyone have any input for Arthritis Gloves, good or bad welcome.



  • fowls48
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    sorry sylvia

    Cannot help .Someone will be along to help you i'm sure.

    karen xx
  • dreamdaisy
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    My mum bought me some compression gloves which stay in the packet. Some on here have mentioned Isotoner gloves, I don't know much about them but I think they are quite pricey. DD
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  • julie47
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    sorry I can't help either, but I hope someone comes along who can soon.

    Love Julie PF X
  • ruby2
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    Hi Sylvia
    I got the isotoner gloves from my OT, they are comfortable somehow my hands feel cooler and some of the swelling subsides when wearing them although others say they make them too warm.
    I think they are expensive to buy, so worth seeing if OT can get you some.

    Good luck
  • succotash
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    I got some given on the NHS from occupational health.

    I cant say they helped me a great deal but maybe I didnt wear them often enough to make a difference. They get on your nerves wearing them all day or night.

    The thing I do use often is a thumb support that they gave me. Its fairly firm and wraps around your hand making you use your thumb in a circular way rather than just straight. I would recommed those for relief and comfort. Also good to wear in bed because they are warming and soothing
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  • roses1
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    Hi Sylvia,

    I LOVE my Isotoner gloves and recommend to all :D See your OT and they should help with the right splints etc for your hands but ask for the gloves they are the best thing ever! You will find that you dont need to wear them all the time :D

    Rose x
  • annalou
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    I got my Isotoner gloves from my OT on the NHS and they are really good, particularly good at reducing swelling if it's persisting, definately recommend :)
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