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hi everyone hope you are all well,my name is yasmin and i have o&a in my spine and my two big toes too am waiting to fine out if i also have it on my right knee.and i have been told i have flatfeet too.my age is 43 and work full time but its a fight to keep going.i live in a top flat and have been told i need to look for anther house as it needs to be a bottom flat.its great talking to poeple who know how we are feeling as its so hard to cope with some days but what i know is this i could never give up my job as this is keeping me going.


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    Hello Yasmin. I don't think we've 'met' before. I have RA mostly and I can see that a top floor flat would be very difficult for you. I hope you can find a more suitable one soon. I also hope you won't ever have to give up your job though some people do. I guess it just depends on how aggressive your disease is. Yes, we do understand about arthritis on here so please do keep talking to us.
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    Hello Yasmin and welcome from me too!

    I am sorry you are struggling so much with your OA and really hope you will be able to continue working (and to find a ground floor flat to make things easier for you).

    Look forward to seeing you posting - Living with Arthritis (LWA) and Chit-Chat forums are where most people "hang out". We are a friendly bunch and you will be made very welcome.

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    thankyou for all your kind words i just need a bit of help when times get bad and have this web site to turn too ,i am gettting an xray to find out if i have O&A in my knee