Crazy man at my house 4am

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It was mid winter 4am in the morning and the rain was pelting down when the cdoor bell rang. Mrs C pushed me out of the warm cosy bed to answer the door but its bloody 4am who the hell could it be.
I trudged down stairs and opened the door it was so cold and raining so hard I cold not see anything just the outline of a tall man. I had to shout to make myself heared above the rain. What the hell do you want I shouted “ a push he replied “ **** off I shouted I slammed the door shut and went back to bed. Who was it Colin Mrs C asked “ just some fool wanting a push” Poor man did you help him, Help him its bloody 4am issing down cold as ice no I told him to **** off. Well she started On me how would you like to be stuck in a storm like that and no-one to help you, your so selfish Colin no go help the poor man. After some arguing once again I trudged down the stairs and open the door I looked out into the street Where are you I shouted “ over here “ I went off in the direction of his voice, Where I shouted “over here” I cant find you in this damn rain, “I’m here over hear on the swing”.


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