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Hello All
I have not been on here in a long time,sorry. well first i shall give u an update on my current situation. i have left collage and made it to uni I am currently studying law. however over that time my athur (yes i name my athritis arthur) has progressed from my back to my legs and hands. also my athur is in the middle or currently been redignosed, not loving hospitals at the moment even if its broadgreen (nice place newly built in liverpool) I was living close to uni in liverpool until i decided it was becoming to hard for me so I am now living back in warrington.

anyway now for the main topic, i said i have athur in my legs and back, this giving me swelling, stiffness and a lot of pain. the pain i can handle, its the lack of movment i hate, i really struggle with cleaning the house, sitting, standing pretty much everything which needs those body parts. how do i make things easier for my self, without losing my indipendance or the will to live I AM 20 my indipendance is extremly important to me and soon I will be back at uni, this will effect my education. i have had this 4 four years now but my athur still suprises me.

no pressure intended but ur answers will effect my futur
hope u are all ok

p.sthis is also in the young people forum, wasnt sure if i would get much adivce on there or if it would just be better to put it here so did both :lol:


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    am hoping that when they work out which type of arther you have they can give you some medication that will improve your quality of life have you talked to your gp about this they do not know untill you tell them and there might be some help available either more meds or practical val
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    Ouch Darren,

    First of all congraulations on making it to university, it sounds like your journey there was harder than most people's so remember you kept going and got there, what an achievement.

    Sounds like no fun the situation you are now in. My arthritis turned up at 21 as I was midway through a post grad research project - not the best of moments. In terms of the university then may I suggest that you hot foot it (or as near as possible) to the disability support unit or whatever it is called at Liverpool and ask for help. I got more than I ever anticipated when I went over to mine. It may be useful to discuss with your course tutor as well, there is usually bags of help to keep you going (especially if sitting through lectures is literally a pain in the backside) and I had a few long long extensions which made all the difference and alleviated lots of pressure and stress. Chances are that they will be keen to help you but it may take time and form filling to get that help in place so start now - the unit will still be open and your tutors will still be there despite term being over.

    Beyond that I think as ValVal wisely says, you need a diagnosis to work off and to get the meds correct which will make loads of difference. Also ask your doctor about things like Physio or Occupational Therapy. I know that a session of hydrotherapy with physios made a huge difference to me.

    Good luck,

    LV xx
    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    You’ve already got some good advice there, Darren. I’m just wondering if you’ve seen an Occupational Therapist who might be able to help with a few bits and pieces and advice. Also, if you look at our ‘Simple Ideas….’ Thread at the top of the page, you’ll see there are lots of ways around things. Do you live alone? I ask because I used to trade off jobs with my teenage sons when they lived at home. I did the ones I found easy and they did the ones I didn’t.
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    I am starting pyso in august, I have never seen an occupational thorpist. as for getting me family to do the jobs i need help with thats harder. my parents both work nights so sleep during the day and my sister also works most days, my brother is in high school. my brother and sister will help me with some stuff but they dont always understand, sometimes they think i am lazy so will not help. i can do certain things well. its just things that require me to go up and down stairs, washing for instance or were i need to stand up for long periouds of time, or anything on the floor