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Only now and again it starts in hip and then top of my leg


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    I take it you mean that it's the same leg as the affected hip? I'm afraid that I cannot help but I suggest that you keep a record of when it happens and what you have been doing to see if there is a common trigger. That might help your GP to determine what is going on, numbness can be caused by a nerve being squashed or trapped. DD
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    Hi again Trayce

    I do hope that you are feeling a little better in yourself than you did a few days ago. It is good to hear from you again. You said in an earlier posting on the forum that since last november you have had problems with your hip and back and x-rays showed degenerative changes in your disc and disc space narrowing. I have a feeling that because of this you are aware of numbness in your hip and top of your leg every now and again. As DD says it could well be a nerve that is squashed or trapped causing this. We are not medically trained though.

    Elna x

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