Is it just the weather

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Good morning
I have a question sorry about the TKR again.
Things have been going along fine then couple of days ago I felt stiff and swollen, used ice did all the usual things but now it really hurts like a throb either side of the knee, my calf hurts as well and I get a sharp stabbing pain when I move. Do you think it’s the weather, will admit that on Sunday I made my Christmas cake and I twisted. Stupid me :?


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    Hmmm, you twisted? I think that could be the culprit - our original joints are not that keen on being twisted let alone a nice shiny metal one. I think you should rest the knee and if things don't ease then is it possible to have a word with your surgeon? You poor thing, I bet life is pretty uncomfy at the moment - let's hope it improves soon, yes? Take care. DD (who buys a small Christmas cake as no-one in this household likes it!)
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    Oh dear :cry: , think DD is right , ice and rest for a few days . Think its easy to forget not to do certain movements but I do know twisting was one of them ! , take care and rest xxx
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    Yes, I’d blame the Christmas cake too. Twisty movements aren’t ideal. Go easy on it, loovechocolate, and, if it doesn’t improve over the weekend, do get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

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