Cannot believe my ears!

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Is anyone else listening to Radio 2? I cannot believe the conversation. Not only do we now have to work to a later age but some ejit has decided that it would be a good idea for 'young pensioners' to look after 'old pensioners' and if they don't do this then their pension should be docked!! I can't believe that this 'idea' would even be considered. If it wn't for the fact that it's October I'd think it was an April fool! So now working for the guts of 50 years isn't enough you have got to keep going until you get into your box! I am incensed!!! I have spent years looking after/ bringing up my own children and no doubt in years to come my Grandchildren too how dare some 'oik'tell me that I should be looking after someone else and cleaning up after them to get what is rightfully mine anyway. Obviously this a man who has never cleaned a baby's bum or got up in the night and walked the floor for hours on end with a screaming toddler and knows what sheer exhaustion is. When this man has done all this then tell him he's got to do exactly the same for an elderly person he doesn't know! It's hard enough doing it for your own for love but almost impossible to do with a smile for a stranger! The floor is open folks!


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    Hi Kate

    I agree with you .They need to sort out the peeps that don't wanna work but still get benefits .It frightens me not knowing what is going to happen to me when i am not able to work anymore .

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    I am only gonna say one word B*****KS :x
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    There has been talk about pensioners being paid to look after grandchildren as a top up to the pension (I know a few pensioners who already do look after GD's on a regular basis).

    The pension pot is expected to be under stress as the population ages so they are looking at ways to cut the cost by continueing to raise the pension age and with more means tested linked benefits.

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    I caught a wee bit of that story Kate - not much as I was having my hair done.

    OUTGRAGIOUS!!! They are pretty busy anyway helping their kids look after Grand-kids so we have a workforce.

    I am disgusted - they haven't suggested that 'younger' unemployed people should do such work I notice..... :roll: Easy target.

    I do understand that the misconception that we have 'saved' through our taxes for our pension is just that - a misconception. Those who are working now are paying for pensioners now , so as Elizabeth says as more of us live longer those on benefits/pensions will put a larger and larger strain on the budget :(

    Did you hear that last lady? She was brilliant!! She said it as she saw it didn't she?

    Toni xx

    Ps not sure I want to some old man looking after me either...... I already have one :oops:
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    They would have to pay the 'younger' unemployed to care for the elderly and they don't want to do that.

    It shouldn't be that anyone unemployed or claiming a pension takes over these roles- they should be created and paid as proper jobs in the first place.