hi new to forum

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decided to join the forum , had Rheumatiod Arthritis for a long time , like since mid 90s

on methotrexate , steriods , tried anti-tnt & hope to try some more of them at some point

live in Cornwall so am very lucky ,


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    Hi Trepolpen

    Welcome to the forum. I hope you are okish. Cornwall is a lovely part of the country. I was there for a few days in September and had a lovely time. Why not post on the Living with Arthritis forum, where most of us look in or on the Chitchat zone, whatever rocks your boat.

    Elna x
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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you and yes indeed, you do live in a lovely part of the world. I'm in Suffolk which is also lovely but not as dramatic. I have PsA and OA, for the former I take meth, sulph and humira, for the latter just pain dullers. Getting about isn't so easy now, I use a rollator most of the time and crutches on the better days but I can still drive which is a good thing. I hope to see your name here and there over the next few days as you explore the forum and get to know us. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi trepolpen
    And a very warm welcome from me, I look forward to seeing you post some more very soon, you will find this forum so supportive,and its a big help being able to talk to people that understand some of what you are going through xx