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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie here. I have Fibro and RA and as the temperature drops I need to put a warmer duvet on the bed but the weight of it means that I have more than usual difficulty turning in bed. Can anyone recommend a type that is light but warm?? SS


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    hi, and welcome to the forum :D
    Ain't it getting horrid and cold :roll:
    I wish I had a good suggestion but I'm the same, got the big feather filled duvet.
    Hope someone comes along soon to help :D
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    Hmm, what size bed and ergo what size duvet? I have found man-made fibre-fiiled ones to be lighter than feather and they require less (or even no) shaking. I think it's a matter of experimentation and personal choice, I used to love feather duvets (mainly for the sound!) but as my arthritis has advanced I've switched to man-made as they are easier on my hands and wrists. As for turning over I can't do that without waking and sitting up first. :roll: I hope you can find something to suit you. DD
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    Hi and welcome to the forum...
    There are quite a few very lite duvet around,but the best one I have come across are the silk one...they are heaven...but quit expensive x
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    I use a man made duvet it's alot lighter and don't laugh I put on a onesie (adult babygro) it may not look wonderful but this weather it works. Either that or an heated under blanket.
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    Silk duvets are good for arthritis sufferers as they are both warm and light weight.
    But otherwise it might be an idea to use a satin pyjamas and/or satin covers for less friktion when turning in bed. Same principle as the plastic bag on car seats.
    I gave my grandmother a satin pyjamas when we were caring for her in her last six months. She wouldn't wear anything else after that. Made it easy to move around and is warm too.
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    Hi Ouchie

    How strange that I seem to be the opposite to most peeps's comments.
    Oh but maybe thats me being soooo odd. :roll:

    I too have RA and Fibro and a couple of weeks ago changed my thin summer weight duvet to my winter one which is a 15 tog feather and down and its so light and lovely. It appears to lay 'above' me if you understand and not weigh heavy on me, therefore trapping the heat, I love it, took a bit to get used to the crackly noise it made but now I have its fine.

    I dont have heating on in the bedroom though and I only wear short sleeved PJ's as I would be far too warm. The duvet does its job.

    The silk ones that some peeps have mentioned sound like a good investment.
    Hope you get sorted soon and choose the one which will be best for you.

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    I have 2 hollow fibre summer quilts on my bed (they have clipping buttons on them) and thats snuggly. And you can get bed cardigans you can wear in bed and they are warm. Hope you find a solution soon.
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    I solved this problem by getting a bed cradle to hold the covers above my legs and feet ; I got a simple one that just holds the duvet on my side of the bed so it doesn't bother hubby . Jillyb
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    Silk pyjamas are wonderful, but I couldn't live without bedsocks. If I'm ever invited to appear on Desert Island Discs, my luxury item will be my bedsocks!

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    Hi Ouchie. Think your problem might be solved with a total 'down' duvet. The only trouble is they are expensive. My lovely Son has recently bought me a goose down duvet and it is absolutely fabulous, so light and so warm. Hunt around on the internet and see if you can find one. They really are worth the money. Beryl
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    Thank you all for your help. I am going to look at prices etc for the silk and for the down.
    Thank you too for the tip about the silk PJ's and sheets making it easier to turn in bed- hope I don't slide out the other side!! SS