Today I started the Meth

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Hi Everyone , Well I got a phone call from the hospital to say I could start the Meth, the doctor has said I can stay on it if my platelets don't go down lower than a 100. (what ever that means lol ) . I feel a little sickly today but I think that should go .
I really hope i start to feel better I am so tired of feeling horrible.

I have a question for you nice people , I have a strange rash on my wrist which i have had for about 6 months and nothing is moving it, it as gone from being about one inch to 3 inch round , I wondered if this has anything to do with the inflamatory arthritis.Thanks for your help ...jillyx


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    Hi Jilly

    Good luck with the meth and hope your platelets behave themselves .go back and see your doctor see if he can give you some cream as the meth may dry your skin out aswell once you start taking it .

    good luck hope you start picking up soon

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    Can't help with the rash but I really wish you well with the meth.Mig
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    I hope the meth does a good job, jilly. Always take it with food to help prevent tummy problems and, if that doesn't work, try taking it at night.

    If you've had the rash for some time it can't be meth-related. Might it be watch-related or cuff-related? Have you tried changing your laundry powder?
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    I hope the meth helps, jilly, I really do. As for the rash I have no idea but please show it to your pharmacist to see if they know what it might be. Meth is a powerful drug and you don't anything being 'aggravated' by it. DD
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    I hope out works wonders mi dear :wink:
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    Hi jilly,

    Can I ask if your rash started out as a series of small blisters that joined up together to form a bright pink/red mark possibly horse shoe shaped which then grew larger. Also, is it more troublesome when in the sun or when you feel too hot?

    Further more has it appeared anywhere else on your body, ie back of hands, hips etc?

    Just that I had something like that and it took months to get a diagnosis but once I had the appropriate treatment it cleared up within days

    Petals x
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    Hello jilly, is there any news about your rash? DD