MRI scan results

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I had a lot of pocket riders with me for my jaw MRI, so thought I'd update you on the results.

It wasn't the best news. My jaw movement is restricted (which I suspected), the jaw discs internally dislocate when I open and close my mouth, there are also joint erosions as well as active inflammation in the joint. The surgeon said, that given the findings, he would have expected more symptoms but I'm used to managing pain and badly behaved joints. We discussed surgery but I don't feel my symptoms warrant that right now. So, he feels there isn't much more he can do and I will be discharged back to my rheumy on the condition I get re-referred if my symptoms get worse.

Obviously, I'm quite upset knowing I have joint damage (which he said it down to the RA) but hopefully leflunomide will work alongside MTX and stop any more deterioration.

Thank you for being there for me! x


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    I'm sorry about that, Sophie. Now what you wanted to learn. However, I think you've probably got the right attitude. I, too, hope the DMARDS will stop any further deterioration. If not, at least forewarned is forearmed and you know to get something done.
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    I can only imagine how you must feel, and I do understand you not wanting surgery just yet, I will have everything crossed that the meds worked and ease the pain for you...gosh this blinking Arthur doesn't know were to stop.
    I really do wish you well with it all (((((()))) xx
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    Thank you for the support both of you. I've been tearful all day, not sure if it's related.

    I require chocolate!!!!!
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    Awwe Sophie

    I'm sorry to hear that pet, hopefully the meds will keep things under control for a long time and you don't need to go down the surgery road, sending you some cyber millionaire shortbread I have just made, I'm sure the nurses won't miss a few pieces, chin up huni we are all here for ((((())))) xx
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    Sophie, I'm so sorry to hear about the MRI results on your jaw, what an aweful place to have such joint pain, erosion & inflammation. I hope the meds will help and take the edge off the pain. You have every right to be upset. I send you big (((HUGS))). Remember we are all here if you need to talk or a shoulder.
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    I hope you got a large bar of chocolate, you deserve and of course it melts in the mouth so no jaw action!
    I just read your post and thought how very brave and strong your response was. Pain, damage and all the other bits that arthritis cause are horrendous but dealing with them as you do (even surprising a surgeon with your lack of complaining re symptoms) is a tribute to you girl! It's going to take a while to get all that on board and a few tears will be part of that process but you are going about it with an amazing attitude. I'm sorry the results weren't more positive but as Sticky says, you are forewarned and that's something. I'm dead proud of you. Love LV xx
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    Hi Sophie

    glad the results are in. Sorry about the damage, but l totally understand how you feel about the lack of need for surgery just yet.

    Good thing that you can be referred back as and when you feel the need.

    Take care


    Toni xxx