Crepitus Joints

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Gosh both my knees are 'extremely' noisy at the moment.... I believe the GP said it was crepitus.

They are obviously painful daily with OA - but I'm sure the noises are getting worse, and they feel 'squelchy' too.... not nice.... :(

Anyone else have this - can anything be done for this....??


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    Hi Freesia

    Good to see you :D

    Not sure much can be done about crepitus.....just turn the telly up :wink: Only joking. Does anyone know whether arthroscopies get rid of it - folks who have had this done???

    I have it too in my knees and shoulders (sternum :shock: ) and a few other places too, but must be less because I can ignore it pretty well.


    Toni xx
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    I have really loud crepitus too. In my knee and my hip - you could try wearing a knee brace to give some extra support (Boots and other Chemists sell them) but I don't think there is really a cure.

    I've learned to 'tune it out' but when the house is quiet, it really freaks people out sometimes - so I tend to keep the radio turned up loud :)

    If it is a really problem, your GP should be able to help. Good luck.
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    I suffer with crepitus in my knees to and pain, my GP sent me for x-rays as she was convinced I had OA in my knees but it came back normal, but I still have painful knees and they make an awful crunching noise.

    Not sure if there is anything that can be done about the noise though. :)

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    I have a very noisy neck, sometimes I get one loud report like I've been shot! Then I get some very funny looks I can tell you.
    My consultant told me that this is quite normal with arthritic joints and sometimes when the joints are not arthritic, then it's accumulated gas that 'pops' and I just have to put up with it.
    I have had several washouts in my knees and they still crunch and creak.
    Wish I could say something more positive but crunches and creaks are part of life for some of us .On the up, my 3 year old grandson thinks it's great when I make a particularly loud noise, just like a dinosaur he says......
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    I've always had crepitus in my knees. One dr suggested it was bad osteo but on xray very little to be seen. I don't like it but am used to it!

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