Very Different Christmas.

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Hi all Hope you all had a a great christmas and that you were all as painfree as possible. After many years spending Christmas at home this year we went away, after the train jouney from Hell (lots of engineering works, delayed broken down trains and missing connecting trains) we finally arrived at our destination Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel North Wales just in time for evening dinner. well next morning in daylight what can i say great scenery massive grounds comfy hotel with good food and entertainment (it sure made up for all the travel problems) we had a great christmas my pain levels were good ( due no doubt to my recent weight loss) then it was made even better on boxing day after finding out that our grandaughter became engaged on christmas day. so at the moment i am quite a happy bunny. :lol:
Stay positive always👍xx


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    So glad you had a good christmas ,congratulations on your granddaughters engagement,hat shopping next..? Mig
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    That's great news Carol congratulations on grandaughters engagement, I am pleased you had a lovely time after all the harassment of the train journey, good your pain was under control, hope you also have a great New Year...........Marie xx
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    Good to know you enjoyed yourselves, you spent it in God's own country.
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    Lovely, congratulations to your granddaughter and I'm glad you had such a relaxing break. LV xx
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    Sounded about perfect Carol

    the engagement being the icing on the cake :D

    I am so pleased for them and you all too.

    Our 'best' Christmases were spent in a lodge in Aberfeldy when the kids were younger. No mobile phone connections and 'tray sledging' laughing so much :D



    Toni xxx
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    Well Done Carol on the grandaughter and good to hear you had a nice christmas. Also made a mental note that you lost weight very well done
    Take Care
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    wonderful Carol :D

    Really pleased you enjoyed it, hope the journey home is/was better?
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    What a lovely way to spend Christmas. Congratulations to your daughter too. There must be something in the air -I know of 4 couples who got engaged on Christmas or Boxing day.

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    Thank you all for your replies
    Tony the journey home was almost as bad on way home jam packed train and trying to get myself and rollator down the isle past people suitcases and bags that were in the aisle to get to our reserved seats.
    Elizabeth yes the grandaughters engagement was the icing on the cake especiallly as she has a baby daughter of who is 11 months old who's father she split up from a while ago who has very little interest in baby at all and who couldn't even be bothered to buy his daughter a christmas present. now she has a fiance who loves her and baby to bits and will do anything for them. she has so much thrown at her in the last few months she really deserves some happiness.
    Toni it was perfect in every way (minus the travel problems of course)
    Stay positive always👍xx
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    Carol Im so glad you at last manged to get there and have a lovely time , we have been to Bodelwyddan Castle quite a few years ago now,got an offer out the paper.... what a stunning place ....I hope you have a good 2013 x
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    Glad you enjoyed Christmas after such a terrible journey. Congratulations on your granddaughter's engagement.