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:shock: I have just joined this forum for a friendly chat and support I have been diagnoised with osteoarthiritis in my knees.
Not had any imformation as yet as just been contacted by my dr for my visit looking forward to speaking xx :)


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    Hello eileend. You've come to the right place :) 'friendly chat and support' is what we're good at. I'm sorry about your diagnosis and I hope you'll find us well-informed and willing to share our experiences.

    My OA is a result of many years of RA. You'll find many of us on here have OA in the knees and a fair few of us have had replacement joints. Please join in on any thread on any forum. I hope to see you around.
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    Thank you for the welcome looking forward to joining in with discussions when able to x
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    Hello eileend
    And a warm welcome from me
    I have OA in multiple joints and have got more info off here than I ever did off my GP.
    I am glad you have joined us and hope to see you posting more very soon xx
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    Hello eileend, it's nive to meet you and I am sorry you have had to find us. I have OA in both knees, both ankles and in my right hip (I learned this yesterday). I am sixteen years in with arthritis and have a creaky foot in both camps, an auto-immune version and the joint damamge that caused has led to OA.

    There is not a great deal to be done when it comes to medication: pain relief and anti-inflammatories just about sums it up. Exercise (preferably low-impact) is good as that helps the muscles supporting the affected joint/s to better do that job. Learning what helps and hinders is crucial as is pacing yourself and not over-doing things. Please join in on any conversation, all new voices and experiences are welcome and don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have, we may not be able to give specific answers but we will always do our best to help. I wish you well. DD