Normal ESR?

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Hiya all, just a quick question on what is the normal ESR rate? I have googled and I've found many different answers. Does anyone know for sure what is normal?


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    I don't think anyone can define 'normal' because it varies so much. I've had figures so low they can't be calculated and as high as 170, I've felt OK with the higher numbers and pants on the lower ones. Maybe keeping a record of yours (together with how you feel) so thus building a picture of what is the usual for you is the way forward? DD
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    As DD says who can define "normal" everyone is different, as we do not get bloods done when we are not ill so who can tell what is even a "normal" for each individual, I get mine moniterd every three weeks and as mine show inflammmation all the time they seemed to be concerned when mine hit about 80, but that is me other people can be higher, if you have concerns about your ESR talk to you doctor about it, hope you get your concerns sorted out.............Marie xc
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    I was told that " normal " is about 10 , this was on an occasion that mine was at 139 but surely as DD says it would vary from person to person so my normal might not be anyone else's normal ! Mine hasn't been lower than 46 for 30 years ; my last reading was 53 which I was delighted with and the rheumy nurse thought was appalling ! Jillyb
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    Thanks everyone. Mine was only 25 but where as normally when I phone for my results the receptionist say they are marked "normal" but today I was told my ESR and something else( I can't remember) was "as expected" but the others were normal. When I asked , she didn't know and I have never asked what my ESR was before today.
    I had my isotope bone scan on Monday so I get the results in 2 weeks for that. Hope it shows what's wrong with me :-)
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    ESR varies from person to person , if you get a blood test booklet from your surgery & get them to update it every time , CRP is a better guide to compare inflammatory markers