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Ok Folks,

Whilst Ihave been so very poorly my friends have been amazing. -a couple of girls in pRticular and I want to get them a thank you gift. Have done the flowers and chocs in the past but would love to get them something different for a change -so what do you think?what says more than just thanks? They really are very special ladies.

Kate xx


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    Why not get each something they'd really like? After my first TKR I got chocs for the ward but the staff nurse had personally taken really good care of me. She loved playing tennis so I got her some good quality tennis balls. She was over the moon.
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    It really depends on there individual likes really but good luck u know what it's like trying to find presents when you want to give them something different.
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    Do you think they would like a nice facial or something along the pampering line, I got a voucher for a salon before and got a lovely massage which I appreciated..................Marie xx
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    Yes I was going to suggest a pamper voucher.

    Elizabeth x
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    Me too :D

    A treatment I was going to suggest - not too expensive like nail manicure or something.


    Toni xxx

    Ps If that's too expensive you could make them up a spa kit.Face pack, exfoliator etc one shop in particular often does 3 for 2 offers
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    Kate how lovely ....could you not all go out together for a meal....or what I like is a hand written card saying just how much you appreciate what they have done for you.....and maybe a keepsake with it....
    I had one from my lovely friend and neighbour....I do love to read it now and then and it really came from the heart.x