remembering my sister

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Four years ago today I lost my youngest sister,she was two years younger than me,my best friend,I miss her every day but I don't get sad or cry buckets she would have given me a good telling off,so I talk about her and smile and remember the happy times. :) Mig


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    Oh. :( Mig, I am so sorry, with being an only child I cannot understand how this must feel but I have learned over the years (from many people) that the loss of a sibling is not easy, especially if you had a good relationship. ((())) DD
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    Awe, mig that's lovely you think that way and remember the good times, instead of letting your sadness hamper your lovely thoughts, I'll be honest I don't know if I would be strong enough to cope if it was me, you are certainly one strong woman, thinking of you ((((()))))..........Marie xx
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    Thinking of you,
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    Mig she would have loved to see you smiling at happy memories and I am sure she is looking down and watching over you....its 4 years for my brother in May the day after my birthday....I am sure he hung on for another day.....and yes like you I smile when I think of what we had....
    ((((()))) xx
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    My thoughts are with you. And may I say what a lovely way you are dealing with it. As Barbara said, your sister is still watching over you. It's so good that you can remember with such good thoughts and smile about the good times you had. She will be so so proud of you.
    Karen xx
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    Mig, I'm so sorry you lost your sister but to have great memories to look back on and smile is lovely. ((((HUGS))))
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    Mig, that was so beautifully put! Big hugs to you but I'm just left thinking your sister must have been one very special and amazing person to leave you knowing you had to stay upbeat when thinking about her. That's one helluva legacy! Love LV xx
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    Hello Mig
    your sister is a very loved sister and she has a lovely sister
    who is very caring and kind.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Dear Mig

    I am so sorry I missed this.

    Even more sorry that you lost your Dear Sister. Sounds like she was really special and as Joan Dachs said, she had a lovely sister too :)

    Love and ((()))

    Toni xxx