Second Physio at the Gym !!

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I had my 2nd physio session at the Gym yesterday we do 10 exercises 3minutes on each they appear to be very simple and I do wonder if it does make a difference to the mobility of the new knee. Scrap the word simple been in a lot of discomfort today knee is quite painfull alhough I have done the exercises at home as I do each day but with great reluctance today. I wish I could say the bend had improved but it hadn't still at 74% not good enough I suppose the saying is "must try harder" what do they want blood ?


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    Don't give up. Often an injury to a complicated joint like the knee takes a long time for all components to recover. Just think how long it for your knee to break down. Tell us how your knee is after 10 or 15 visits. That may be how long it takes. It, of course is so worth it for your quality of life. Keep at it and don't forget your home work!!
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    Wendy I was wondering how you was getting on...sorry the physio is so hard...but suppose it has to..dont forget the ice and rest in between...I do hope it improves very soon...let us know how you get on..xx
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    Hello wendgro, it's lovely to hear from you. Physio is hard work and it can impact on the joints, I think it's a case of listening to your body, doing what you can but not forcing things too far. No gain without pain does not necessarily apply here so take care, yes? And keep in touch. DD
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    It sounds as if you're being well-monitored, wendgro, and clearly it is making some difference as otherwise you presumably wouldn't feel any different today. It sounds as if stuff is being stretched which I guess is what has to happen if you're to get a greater band. Take it gently and carefully. It will come eventually.
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