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Hi does anyone suffer from jaw pain with their arthritis or fibro, the pain is spoiling my life, it is in my head, jaw, cheek and chin, first call was my dentist who said it was not because of my teeth, Dr thinks it is neuropathic but we havent investigated where it is coming from yet


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    Hi Kitty, I do suffer from pain in my face and is related to neurological condition, I take it you will be seen by a neurologist it definitely requires more investigating, good luck hope you get it sorted soon.....Marie xx
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    Yes, I have. I think mine is from arthritic inflammation of the TM joint and the top joint of my neck. So far it's been intermittent. Nasty isn't it?

    There is also a pain syndrome called trigeminal neuralgia (google if you want more info) which is possibly caused by blood vessel inflammation causing nerve pain in your face. You could see if this fits your symptoms.

    Mine radiates from the TM joint through the bones of my face. The TM joint is a synovial joint and is therefore vulnerable to RA and other inflammatory joint diseases.

    Hope you get some relief.
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    Really nasty and affair few of us on here have or have had it including me.

    One time was really vile - I thought it was teeth/ear/face etc until I opened my mouth (cleaning teeth one day and it clicked and stuck SHUT :shock:

    Rheumatologist says it's jaw.

    anti-inflams and pain killers do help a bit and trying very very hard to relax jaw too. Some have tried £200 gum shields dentists will make you, but not me.

    I do hope you feel much better soon


    Toni xxx
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    My jaw flares when my PsA flares (it's sore at the moment and eating hurts). My neck is very crunchy but that's my OA. When are you due to next see your rheumatologist? DD
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    I told my dentist about my jaw as soon as she mentioned using a mouth guard at night I said no thank you I'm ok
    I can't even manage to use those guards they put in to make impressions of your teeth so there's no way I'd cope with a mouth guard oh yucky
    Anything teeth related stresses me out give me joint injections ant day
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    I too have arthritis in my jaw , it's painful and makes it hurt to eat ; not a bad thing as I'm trying to lose weight again ! I make the most horrendous loud clicks whenever I yawn too which entertains my hubby no end !