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What is it with men that they think they have to do a running commentary on sports of any sort when there is a perfectly good commentary already on,is it that they think they know better or just like the sound of their own voices. :roll: Mig


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    I too suffer with this issue. I think they think we either don't understand or don't have the concentration levels. Interestingly, Mr LV does it when watching the football, a sport I introduced him to.
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    Mine stays quiet apart from when it's a sport I like, then I can't shut him up whilst he talks to me about all kindsa things. I know to keep shtum - he seems unable to return the compliment. :roll: DD
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    Oh mig can you not get a telly in another room....for hubby not you
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    my OH used to do that with most programmes, and as for trying to listen to the news, well!
    He also used to read the newspaper to me
    Which is why i'm now happily single :lol:
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    When my hubby watches sport on the tv he becomes completely mesmorised by it and never utters a word. Neither does he ever hear what I'm saying :)
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    I don't have that problem, mig. Mine's too busy cursing and swearing at the ref and pointing out all his sight problems :lol:
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