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Hi all ,

Well I have been having a lot of trouble with my legs , they swelled so much it took awhile for the fluid to go down , was in hospital which I hated so much but as the doc said the only thing that will help you is the ivf of antibiotics as the oral ones did not do any thing for me , so decided to give them a go on the 3rd day doctor looked at them got the tissue villiabilty nurse to look at them , she said sorry the antibiotics did not work and we give you 3 types so lets try compression dressings so got out and dressings started this week , I have seen a big improvement so far next dressing will be Friday . right now my right and left legs are bandaged up with flex-wool crepe bandages cant wait until the day it is all over I have had this trouble from January 2013 lucky my car has hand controls
Mike R & Hazel & MikeJR


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    Aww Mike I wondered were you had got to.I do hope those compression bandages carry on working for you it must have been so scary and painful..how many miles on that car clock now and are you still enjoying getting out and about x
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    Oh Mike, I am so sorry to read this and yes, it's good to have you back! What a blasted nuisance but you are right about the car and that must be a double blessing to you now. How are Hazel and Mike Jnr? I hope they are both as well as possible. I send my best wishes to you all. DD
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    Hello Mike. So sorry you have been in hospital but glad the problem is being monitored. It must be very uncomfortable in this weather,

    Take care
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    Hope the compression bandages work well at least it's getting cooler now so that might help you as well. Not nice being hauled up in hospital. Take care and good to hear from you.
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    Nice to see you mike glad your ok and doing your best to get on with life dispite the set backs. Take Care
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    We've missed you too Mike, been wondering how you all are.
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    Great to see you Mike :)

    Pressure bandages what a good idea. My fingers are crossed it will work for you and soon.

    Just what you need in this heat eh :roll:

    Love to all the family

    Toni xxx

    Toni xxx
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    Hello Mike Hazel and Mike'jr
    it's nice to hear from you I hope your legs soon feel better.
    take care
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Mike welcome back
    You have had a tough time of it
    I hope you will improve daily
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    It's nice to hear from you, Mike. I hope your leg is on the mend now.
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    Hello Mike, I don't think we've met before.

    It sounds as if you've had/having a bummer of a time, I really hope the bandages work for you. I guess the weather has aggravated it a bit too.

    Take care
    Numps x
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    thank you all for reading my post , I was down today getting my bandages changed and the very good news is that my legs look way better than they did last week , the pain is less it is only now that I can get some sleep , you could not touch me as I was in pain all over , I cant wait to see my legs again on Monday each day is like opening a xmas box I am so pleased to see my legs getting better . a big thank you to all
    Mike R & Hazel & MikeJR
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    Good your legs are looking better,fingers crossed for you .Mig