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Hi everyone, Lesley here. I am currently living with OA in my neck, back, knee, wrists, hands and fingers. I look forward to chatting to like-minded people that understand the day to day challenges of living with the pain of OA.


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    Hello Lesley. It's good to meet you. Yup we know what it's like all too well :lol: I hope to see you around. Living With Arthritis is where we talk about all things arthritic. Chit Chat is for non-arthritis talk and where we have a bit of fun. The other forums are self-explanatory. I wish you well.
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    Hello Lesley and welcome to the forum
    I have OA in quite a few joints..and just had my first hip replaced and doing well
    You have come to the right place for support and there is lots of info on here...
    I do hope to see you posting more very soon x
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    Hi Lesley

    Welcome you have certainly come to the right place for advice, support and help, this is the best forum that I know of everyone is so helpful and kind, feel free to post anywhere hope to see you around...............Marie x
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    thanks everyone for your warm welcome.


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