RA and Sore Throat

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Hi anyone get a sore Throat with RA?



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    I don't have RA, but have PsA.

    During the first three years of illness I had a sore, red throat and swollen lymph nodes every late afternoon and sometimes for several days. It was non-viral/bacterial, so I assume related to the illness.

    It's gotten better over time.

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    Not me. RA for over 50 years and only ever had roughly the same amount of sore throats as those around me.

    You're not on methotrexate are you? Throat problems need monitoring for those of us on meth.
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    One can have a sore throat without having RA, have RA without a sore throat and have both. In the early stages of diagnosis (which I think you are in, yes?) it is tempting to attribute everything that 'goes wrong' to the arthritis. Believe you me the usual everyday crud of life caries on regardless of arthritis. :wink:

    When I have a sore throat (which isn't often) I stop my immuno-suppressants (apart from the sulphasalazine) and, if it doesn't clear, I then go the GP for advice. Sometimes life gets stupidly complicated. :roll: I hope you feel better soon and good luck for Wednesday, I reckon you will be offered methotrexate as your first med. Please let us know how you get on, OK? DD
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    Hi Paul
    Just read your message about sore throat and RA. Yes I do get sore throats a lot, particularly when my RA isn't very happy. I definitely think there is a link.