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So I was in for a skin biopsy today to test one of the 2 lumps that have appeared on the past 8 weeks (lobular panniculitis) It was done under local and all went fine. They were about to roll me out of the theater when the doc asked what painkillers should I have, I told him I was on co dydramol 30/500 and he said ok that should do. I would like to point out that although I am not what you would call squeamish I had just had someone hack a lump out of me in my eyeline, I was chatting to the nurses to distract me but still. So all is well and off I go home... I think the local injections are wearing off now! OUCH! I think sleeping will be interesting tonight.
I know I have a tolerance having been on meds for so long but I didn't think I was so focused on finally getting the biopsy done I didn't think about after. Next time I am up I will raid the drug cupboard and see if I have anything stronger left over but I don't think so.
So annoyed I didn't think of this before :(
On a possitive not my joint pain is pretty much drowned out by it.



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    Ouch!!! U poor thing :(

    I can understand how one thing over rode the other ... I'm just really sorry & wish the Dr had of thought of that themselves!! :?

    Did they give you any indication wen the biopsy results would be done? Wishing you well for the results.

    I'll wish you as comfortable a night as you can possibly manage but if it gets too much it may be worth ringing ure GPs out of hours service or 111.

    (((hugs)))) Take care.x
    Healing Hugs
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    Take what you can and when you can to help you through. I had a double carpal tunnel op last November, had one 50mg trammy as the anaesthetic was wearing off then went back to my usual 30/500 cocos. I took them regularly for a couple of days (not exceeding the recommended dose) and then reduced. I hope things are not feeling too sore today. DD
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    Ouch oh my that must be so so painful for you
    Think you would need stronger painkillers for that
    I hope you managed to get some sleep

    Hey snap DD I had bilateral carpal tunnel decompression my it did hurt after the local anaesthetic wore off

    (((( ))))