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Hi all
My name is Darren haven't been on this forum in a long time, I am a uni student and up until a week ago I was suffering with AS, No it didn't just disappear, in fact my doctor started my in a treatment called humaria and since I have started it, my movement increased and the length of time I can move around has as well and I have been sleeping so much better. when I see my docter in a few weeks I am going to kiss him, no I am not gay, just extremely happy I have not felt like this in a long time, I am 21 and now I actually feel like my age and can act like it too, I know I hasn't disappeared but feeling like this has been amazing, I have started walking without limping which so I don't get funny looks or remarks off people any more and hopefully soon I can return to the gym and get a bit of my old strength back again and travel more, I am so happy


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    Now, that is good news and is exactly what humira is supposed to do. I am very pleased for you - and I remember you from before. I hope you won't be needing us again for a very long time! Good luck with life, Darren, I hope it stays this good for you. DD
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    Hi Darren and welcome back. You sound so happy I find I'm smiling as I type. It's lovely to hear success stories.

    One or two people have very good results with humira and I hope it continues to work for you for a long, long time.

    Best of luck with your uni studies.
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    Thank you Darren, for saying how you feel. That is terrific news :D Hope you continue to feel well for a long time.

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    Welcome back Darren..its good to know the meds are working for you..and I hope to see you posting more very soon. :)
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    thanks guys, really happy I am glad things are finally getting settled and I have been even managing to get the gym, it feels good to run again, now that my arthritis has calmed down I have felt less tired and been able to concentrate on my studies more, I cant believe that I finally graduate in June or Jul, I feel lucky I finally feel like I am going to do really well, my nan always believed it and now finally I do to.
    I feel truly blessed and also I should thank you guys for your support I know I wasn't on this a lot but when I did the support and advice was great, I this treatment is not a cure but its middle ground and at least for a while I will be in control rather than it controlling me :)
    again thanks guys hope you all alright and wish you all the best :)
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    Hi Darren,
    what wonderful news that you have your life back on track, long may you continue to feel well and so happy. If you ever need the forum the people on here are amazing and always here with a helping hand.

    Good luck with your university studies, take good care of yourself,

    Trish xx

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