Hi!! everyone newbie here

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hi!! my name is Louise and I am new here, I came to this forum for advice support and friendly chit chat, so let me tell you about me ,

I am at the grand age of 31 lol, and I am a mum of 3 young children, i love horse riding and had my own until i fractured my back last year, it has just been confirmed I have hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis in my hips and knees, I have been in a great deal of discomfort for some time now and not one for complaining unless it's really bad etc, I find it quite difficult to do everyday tasks without pain and discomfort in my joints. I am not a driver so I have to walk everyday to take my kids to school and just to do tasks around the house I find hard too, just going up the stairs feels like they are a mile long lol. but all my doctor keeps doing is putting me on all sorts of pain killers that don't work or make me sleepy and I can't afford to be sleepy as I have my children to care for, she seems to come across that its funny of me having these problems and don't care that I am finding it hard to get around, I don't use any aids at the moment to help me get about but has seriously considered it!! I have a very supportive hubby as when we need to go shopping etc he always find a car park close by or he does it

sorry to have blabbered on I am all new to this so please bear with me xx


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    Hi Louise and welcome. If you've come for ' advice support and friendly chit chat' then you've come to exactly the right place :)

    I'm not quite sure from what you've written if all your problems originated from the fractured back or if the hips and knees had been lurking for some time before that. I guess it doesn't make a huge amount of difference in that they're there now.

    I empathise with the 'arthritis plus young children' thing. I did it for years (Mine are now adults with kids of their own) and it was tough though mine was different to yours. I've had RA since I was 15. Virtually all joints are affected but my back is remarkably good. (Famous last words :lol: )

    OA is a bit hard for docs to deal with in that they can't make us better. (I have that too, now :roll: ) A healthy diet and weight and the right sort of exercise do make things easier but sometimes it's just a matter of pain relief until one bit or another can be replaced.

    Four things come to mind.

    1. You could ask to see an Occupational Therapist. They would assess you to see what aids and/or adaptions might help. You can self-refer via your local Social Services.

    2. You could ask to see a physio. He/she could give you exercises tailored to your specific needs.

    3. You could ask your GP to refer you to a Pain Clinic where they give techniques for coping with the pain.

    4. You can read Arthritis Care's booklets (See top of page) and talk to us as, even when we can't help, we can understand. Living With Arthritis forum is best for that.

    5. (I'm rubbish at maths :roll: ) You could try applying for a Blue Badge to help with the parking. They're not parting with them easily these days but it's worth a try.

    Oh, and hang on to that good husband of yours. I have one too. They're brilliant, aren't they? :lol:
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    Hi Louise

    Welcome to the forum, it is OA I have just in my hands but I suspect creeping in elsewhere, I also have a very rare neurological condition so know what it is like living with chronic pain, my sympathies.

    Our lovely Sticky has given you some good advice there, never be afraid to ask for help and as you can see it is not always doom and gloom, we have many a laugh the best medicine around as far as I am concerned.

    Very nice to meet you Louise hope to see you around...............Marie xx
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    Hello and welcome from me Louise
    I'm so glad you have joined us..its good to talk about things and also get lots of info..I do hope to see you posting more very soon x
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    Hello there Louise

    You sound to be a very upbeat and positive person :)

    I am so glad you found us and hope you will hang around and join in wherever you like.

    Lovely to meet you

    Toni xxx
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    thank you stickywicket, you have given me quite a few points there, I have another appointment to see my doctor tomorrow (wed 9/10/13) so fingers crossed I might get some where with her then she seems to have is an attuade towards everything!!!

    I am a person who tries not to take pain killers all time time " I know they may help me" but don't want to relie on the for the rest on my life!!!!

    I have also considered in applying to getting a blue badge and am going to look into it a bit more.

    frogmorton thank you I always try to be positive and up beat etc for the sake of my kids and in fact my whole family, I do have days though where I have to go and hide in the bathroom and have a tear or two as I am in just so much pain and even getting about most days.
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    Hello, it's nice to meet you and I hope we can help with information and support. I agree that it is not good to become too reliant on meds because that leaves you with nowhere to go when the tougher times rock up (which they do). I keep my pain dullers to a minimum, currently it's four co-cos per day, and I am currently taking diclofenac thrice daily because some other things are kicking off. Once they have done their bit I can reduce again to one to help keep things at bay.

    These drugs have a role to play, they are there to aid us in our every-day life; why make things harder when they don't need to be? It's about getting the best quality of life we can manage and these meds help us to do just that. We don't deny ourselves liquid when thirsty, or food when hungry, so why deny something to help dull the pain? I am lucky in that I don't have a family (apart from a husband) so I can tailor things to suit me but your situation is different - just the minimum per day can make a difference. I wish you well and hope to see your name here and there around the boards. DD
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    Hello and welcome

    I can relate to the stairs situation lol and the walking to school ( with kids taking toll on the joint)
    And I feel that O/A is misunderstood to many of the outsider. however someone mention a blue badge, you need a higher PiP for that ( DLA) as when you apply to your local council they do resquest a letter to show you are on the higher rate in order to give you a blue badge.
    Thought I mention this to make you aware how the system works.

    I am fob off with pain killer too and I am rather active I cannot stand to be non active (does my head in except when I am unwell) I just wish they replace the knee and once heal I can get on with my life lol but somehow I dont think that how it works.

    But hey hello btw
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    Hi Stormyblue. That's not quite right about the Blue Badge. Those of us with higher rate Mobility Allowance do get them automatically but others are eligible - there are just more hoops to jump through. http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/consumer_e/consumer_cars_and_other_vehicles_e/consumer_driving_and_parking_e/consumer_driving_and_parking_for_disabled_people_e/consumer_the_blue_badge_scheme_e/who_is_eligible_for_a_blue_badge.htm

    As for the pain relief, I don't think you're being 'fobbed off' as that's the normal treatment for OA, alongside anti-inflammatories. There is no magic pill, alas :roll: