Wind out of sails

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My beloved took the wind out of mine today. I've spent years trying to find an aerobic exercise I can do safely and I've picked the brains of several physios in vain. Finally I cracked it and I've been slowly and gradually increasing my number of step-ups. Today, when I'd finished, I proudly announced “260”. His reply? “You're blowing a bit.” Yup, that's the idea, my love.

Plus, I had difficulty hooking my large disabled-key-holder onto the key hoooks so he kindly put a large one at the side just for me. It's so useful and handy that he now uses it for all his keys :roll:

So what does your nearest and dearest do and say to make your arthritic life that little bit harder?


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    hee you are limping better love... :?
  • marrianne
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    He s a complete bossy boots ,he keeps forceing thick woolly socks on me .and I cant get my boots on :lol:
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    I haven't got an OH, it doesn't bother me a bit it just means I can please myself what I do and where I go, when I was married he would always find a criticism in anything I did, never any help or praise.
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    Wears his boots in the house, tracking in muck and dirt. Socks and wood shavings (because of his work) everywhere! Absolutely doesn't bother picking up after himself :roll: ! I nag about the boots but everything else I just live with because he is so loyal and devoted.... :D
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    Me - Oooof! Stuff's hurting.

    Him - What? Still?

    We are having an on-going debate about various aspects of getting house market-ready. I am prepared to call in help from all over the shop, he is adamant we will do it ourselves. I am used to asking for help (and frequently do) but he is still able to be Mr Independent. Hmph. DD
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    No dearest and nearest here. Apart from the cat, aka "lily in the field". So I'm totally unbothered by any misbehaviour of a dearest. And of any help from one.
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    When/I/was/complaining/that/his parents/never/offer/to/help/his reply/waswhy/don't/you/ask/your/parents/to/help.

    Because/They've/both/been/dead/for/many/years.... :(

    I/forgive/him/because/I/know/he/always/makes stupid/comments.

  • dreamdaisy
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    Stupid? No, tkachev, I think it's insensitive and unkind. A () for you from me. DD
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    He screws bottles and jars as tight as he can despite several requests/shouts from me about him maybe considering not to be so brutal. He also keeps booby-trapping my bath with the baby bath and his bottles of shower things so I can't get in easily. Other than that he's usually quite good and helpful.
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    Me.......................oh walls I am hurting so much, feeling so much pain, what can I do.

    Walls...................Just go and get plastered :lol:

    LV.......... lovely to see you around hope you and the sprogs are thriving xx