playing the balancing game

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reached target at slimming world 2 weeks ago in fact I was 1lb under target last week In lost 1lb putting me 2lb under target so rearranged food a bit this week and I gained 2lb putting me dead on target so have to rearrange again slightly this week to see if I can maintain next week. luckily as long as you stay within 3lb below or 3lb above you are still
classed as a target member. It's just learning what will keep me in that target zone. a big learning curve but I will stay there. :lol:


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    I'm sure you will, Carol. You've done incredibly well and your determination is such that I'm sure you'll continue to do so.
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    Congratulations! That's terrific accomplishment, you must be so pleased!
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    Good there's a bit of leeway ,keep up the good work. Mig
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    Hi Carol,

    a really well done!! That is an amazing achievement, you must feel like a new woman. I think it's a plan for life and it's very achievable.

    I have another 10lbs to go and I am struggling, I'm getting bored of eating so much as well(never thought I would say that!) :roll: I've stopped eating so many of the M********* low fat yoghurts as they have Aspartimine. Apparently that additive can cause loads of health problems! :cry:

    trish xx
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    Carol you do seem to have this finely not easy I know..but you have done so well ..xx
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    Carol, you've done amazingly well, you should be an inspiration to others, you never gave up when it got hard. Enjoy the new slim you! Sending a huge (())
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    I reckon if you think you are bit over or under one week you could skip going that week or wear something 'light or heavy':lol:

    Seriously though you will have already got into good habits so you can do it :)


    Toni xxx
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    You will get there Carol, after all you have put into losing all that weight YOU will succeed, go Carol you can do it................Marie xx
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    Thank you ladies for all your replies this group is great for getting support and replies to posts so glad I joint I found it.

    Toni you are so right the good habits are in fact habits now cos even if I eat out or in a hotel I always look for the meal that is best for not sabotaging my weight loss.

    Bubbadog don't worry I am enjoying the new me. :lol::lol:

    Barbara not quite finely tune yet but working on it :roll:

    Purpleowl the last little bit is always hard because you so want to get there and it seems to take ages it the last 10lbs took me six weeks I kept going up and down it was only due to a loss of 3and a half lbs 2 weeks ago curtersy of a stomach bug and hardly eating for about 4/5 days.

    Once again thank you all for your replies and support with this and I am very pleased with myself at achieving this goal and am now looking to achieve the next goal to keep it off. :roll: To be followed if successful to lose a bit more at a later date. :wink::)
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    Carol you have done so well. did you see the programme about the man who weighed 70 stone he was going in hospital for a gastric band.
    it made me wonder what weight do they say is the weight to be.
    i'm 9 stone.
    take care
    joan xx