Suicidal Pigeon.

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My late mum's gardener popped round to the house this morning to clear leaves etc. (He has been keeping a very good eye on the house and will do so until the new owners take over.) When putting stuff away in the shed he noticed that the middle pane of one of the upper windows didn't look right. He went upstairs to find that it didn't look right because it wasn't there. Instead there was the maggot-infested corpse of a very-nearly-beheaded pigeon lying on the floor, surrounded by broken glass. He cleared it all up and effected a temporary repair with some bits and pieces left in the shed. Bless him. I have contacted the agents and we will liaise about a glazier on Monday.

He also went round last Monday to check for birthday cards for Ma - there weren't any which was a relief to me, I didn't know until Wednesday that he had done that, wasn't it a kind thought? DD


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    Cooooooooo what a to do.......... :mrgreen:
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    That's what you call a truly good hearted person DD at least you know until the sale goes through with he will keep an eye on things for you.........bless him xx
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    Ah Marie he is, his wife too. They were so kind to both Ma and Pa (they found him a few months before Pa's death) and he carried on looking out for Ma for the remaining eleven years of her life. I reckon the genuinely kind fly under the radar because they are not news-worthy, which, to my mind, is a cruel indictment of our society.

    Airwave? Norty boy! :) Which cartoon had the Flying Pigeon? Was it The Whacky Races? DD
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    I think the really genuine kind probably don't even think of being thanked. They are just genuinely good people who do stuff because it's the right thing to do.
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    How lovely of him, bet he misses your Mum...
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    Best put a sticker or some tape on the glass as if one birds done it chances are it will happen again, we use to get them trying to fly into our front room and the greenhouse I put silhouette bird stickers up and no more impacts since.