Arthritis In Young People need your stories!

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Hi all!

I started a website; to try and help raise the awareness of the terrible disease in children and young adults.

I was diagnosed with JIA at the age of 9. Growing up with it was difficult and as I got older and come to terms with not being able to make it as a professional basketball player I started to self-teach myself website design.

Now a professional in the industry and in full-time employment I decided to put my skills into action to try and help raise the awareness.

Anyway, I'm looking to add more stories to the "Your Stories" section of the website; and would be grateful if parents/sufferers could share their story.

Thanks in advance!



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    Thanks Ryan I will go on your website! I believe there is little to no awareness of arthritis in young people particularly the fact even toddlers can get it. Also congratulations on your career change!
  • ryanbibb93
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    I agree! The information online, as well as at hospitals (be it leaflets etc.) is very hard to find.

    Thank you!

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