First Gritter of the Winter!

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We don't have cuckoos round here (too urban? I dunno) so I don't do the spring thing but we had the first gritter of the winter swing by last evening at 6 and tonight at 5.10. When we move the 'new' road will not be gritted so we could be in for a skiddy winter. :) I guess it's a benefit of living on a main route in and out of town (the sight of gritters, buses and ambulances spring to mind) and something I may miss - but not for long. :wink: DD


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    It will be so much nicer for you both.
    I woke up the other morning to our neighbour scrapping frost off his car. Mig
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    I noticed that the entrance to the Job Centre had been liberally spread with rocksalt this morning, making it rather difficult to walk on that stretch of pavement. Yet another obstacle in the way of those with mobility problems trying to find work......?!
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    It's been quite mild up here still in yorkshire, not much frost etc, wonder if we'll get any snowfall this month hmm 8)
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    when was the last time it snowed on Christmas day. I remember 1969 or 1970-the year I got my bicycle but think that might have been the last time.

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    Apparently it was 2010. I remember it snowed in Nov 2010and after Christmas in 2010 but can't remember it on Christmas day. mind you I live in the south,

    e x
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    Oh to be off a busy will be worth it DD..I have a friend that lives high up on the moors..she watches the weather forecast and stocks up on whatever...she wouldn't move for the world..mind you her hubby would when he cant get into work...
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    And so it starts!! The gritters are out early so they can stay on top of the ice and snow that the weather people are warning about starting early this year!! :o:o

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