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Hello Hello everyone!

I'm new to being diagnosed but unfortunately not new to the pain or inflammation or all the other rubbish that goes along with arthritis.

I saw my rheumy on Friday as an emergency and went armed with my husband and lots of pictures! Finally he told me my inflammation levels are high and agreed the medication I have been on for The last 18 months isn't working.

I have been given methotrexate but I'm not due to start taking it until Christmas week because my gp surgery can't fit me in for the blood tests until 7th Jan, so I'm really hoping I don't get too bad side effects.

Well a little about me ...... my name is Linda and I'm 38 and married with 2 kids (one is 7 and the other is nearly 2). I don't work anymore and stay home most of the time so the Internet has become my link to the outside world really.

So that's it, sorry for the essay but if you got this far thanks for reading and happy Christmas! :xmas_cheesygrin:


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    Hi Linda

    Welcome to the forums, as they say sorry you have had to meet us this way. You will find this is a very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable place. We mostly hang about Living with Arthritis and Chit-Chat. Once you settle in you will find it is not all doom and gloom there are a lot of laughs along the way. Keeping fingers crossed for you till you start the new meds. It has been lovely to meet you and hope to see you around..................Merry Christmas to you to :hoho: ................Marie x
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    Hi Linda and welcome;

    You'll find this is a lovely site with many kind and knowledgeable peeps! It's a bit quiet now because of Christmas stuff but don't give up, others will be along soon. There is also the Living with Arthritis board, which may have more viewers. You could post there too.

    Is RA your diagnosis? I have PsA, Spondylitis and I am still trying to work out an effective treatment. As you know, this can take awhile. I've taken methotrexate for 10 months and it's worked only partially, but for most people I think (and especially with RA) it works quite well. Side-effects seem to lessen with time so, as with everything rheumatological, perseverance is key.

    Happy Christmas :noel:
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    Thanks for the welcome.
    My rheumy has said PsA and probable spondylitis too. I don't have the skin problems with the PsA but I'm also being retested for RA factor too.....again!

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    Hi Linda

    and welcome to the forums from me too :xmas_cheesygrin:

    Tis lovely to meet you and am certain you have made absolutely the right decision joining us lot :areindeer:

    Everyone here has lots of experience to share :rudolph: and the forums are sooo supportive. Do please feel free to join in wherever you like you WILL be welcomed


    Toni xxx
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    Hello there, Lindy Lou. I'm also new in this forum. I hope you'll get well soon. :xmas_mrgreen:
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    Hello lindylou
    And welcome from me...I am so glad you have found us only sorry you had to look in the first place...were all good listeners and like to support one another...so I do look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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    Hello, I too have PsA and don't suffer too much from psoriasis, which is probably thanks to the combined efforts of sulphasalazine tablets and injected methotrexate. I also inject humira and I know that this triple therapy is being effective because my bloods are gorgeous. :xmas_cool: That's all that is, however, because I also have OA and now fibromyalgia. Get in! :D PsA is one of the sero-negative forms of auto-immune arthritis but the meds are the same no matter what the label.

    I have to go, I moved house last Friday and am feeling rather tired now. I look forward to seeing your name here and there around the boards. I wish you well. DD

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