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A super salmon recipe.

dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,567 ✭✭✭
edited 15. Jan 2014, 14:04 in Community Chit-chat archive
I saw this in the Sunday paper and it had all the elements that appeal to me - four ingredients, very little effort and serves two. Bliss.


500g of salmon
50 g of fresh ginger
1 large fresh uncooked beetroot.
8 tablespoons of groundnut oil (I used olive because I didn't have the other)


Peel and chunk the ginger and beetroot (admittedly this could be very tough on arthritic hands, sorry :oops: ) then place into the bowl of a food processor.

Run the machine to finely chop the veg whilst adding the oil through the feed tube. Process until you have a paste.

Put the paste into a food bag and add the sliced salmon. Seal the bag and put in the fridge for at least four hours before you wish to eat so the fish marinates.

When eating time approaches heat your oven to 180 c / gas mark 4. Put the fish into a roasting pan with some of the marinade (I used all of it because mine was quite thick) season with salt and pepper and cover loosely with foil. Bake for 12 minutes then remove the foil and bake for a further 8. Leave to stand for five and then serve. (Now, this is where I disagree with Sir Nigel of Slater. I did as he suggested and found that after the first 12 minutes my fish was barely warm, so I whacked up the temp to 200 and all turned out well - and I didn't let it stand either. )

I served it with plain boiled potatoes and steamed broccoli. It was delicious, a gentle mix of rich, gently warming and earthy. DD
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  • migmig Posts: 7,142
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Sounds yummy. Mig
  • valdevalde Posts: 271
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Thanks for this is sounds great. Strangely enough I got salmon out for tonights dinner and was going to oven bake and serve with small potatoes but this sound much more tasty, I will certainly try this way tonight.
  • villiervillier Posts: 4,426
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    That sounds very tasty DD will have to try it next time someone's coming for dinner..................Marie xx
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  • valdevalde Posts: 271
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    DD just to let you know I did this for my dinner and it was delicious. I adapted it for one person. I would definitely have again. Thanks
  • barbara12barbara12 Posts: 20,814
    edited 30. Nov -1, 00:00
    Thanks DD..must say I love salmon...will let you know how it goes..if anyone can mess it up..its me :?
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