Burning sensations

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From what you write it sounds as if it's still the pseudo gout. Are you still on medication for it? I think you need a doc to decide whether or not it's connected to the pseudo gout, the low iron levels or something else. Please let us know the outcome.


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    Hello charisse
    Sorry I cant help, I only found out that gout is related to arthritis when I joined this forum....my father and brother had it but in the feet...so I know its blinking painful...I hope you get some relief from it soon...
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    Hello again, Charisse, I was just reading your first post and my thought was nerve impingement or carpal tunnel syndrome - how I missed it the first time round I don't know. :oops: I am pleased, however, that now you may have an answer and I hope the amytryp helps. Please let us know how you get on, yes? DD
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    Sorry I missed this first time round as well Charise :oops: I am very pleased to see that your nerve pain is a bit better My sympathies to you, I know exactly how you feel I have burning throbbing pain in my extremities 24/7 due to the root of my sensory nerves being damaged and there is no cure. I am glad you have found out what is causing yours and are getting some relief...............Marie x
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    I also get the achy pinky finger when I'm cold. I started curling last winter and they have to keep the rink really cold and well you are not moving that much in curling to stay warm. It would ache like a toothache almost to the point of nausea all night. Once a week, I geuss that's one sport I may have to give up!! Although I believe prevention may be the key here, I was given hot chemical hand warmers at Christmas. If I can keep it warm, maybe no pain. We'll try it next year.

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