I am Finding The Winter Olympics . . . .

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. . . . thoroughly underwhelming. The asinine commentary by some of the BBC bods is astonishing in its puerility; whooping, shrieking and gales of fake laughter do not a commentary make. I usually enjoy these games but it seems to be increasingly childish in its constituent parts. Ski Sunday used to be essential viewing but now? This is that writ large. There have been some remarkable performances, especially in the ice rink, we have a gold (Go Lizzy! Oh, you did :wink: ) and the ice hockey is as fast and exciting as ever but somehow it is missing a crucial element, I'm not sure what but for me something is lacking.

Any thoughts? DD
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    Hubby and I were saying the same...ski Sunday was brilliant and like you say not to be missed..but I have given up on these games.... :roll:
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    Winter Olympics? Really :lol:

    I see the BBC commentary team for one event were rightly hauled over the coals for screaming, willing the non-Brit competitors to fail and actually shouting "I can't watch it" at one stage. You are being PAID to watch it :mrgreen:

    I appreciate that many of these sports - and competitors - are young and that the experts are probably equally young and inexperienced but the Beeb could learn a lot from its own Test Match Special team in which newbies, or current players, are there alongside an experienced commentator. Their input is not expected to be anywhere near as great and all are aware that the important thing is the sport not their own reactions to it.
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    I don't let it worry me to much I have tinnitus so I can't hear much of it I just marvel at the agility of the athletes utterly stunning aerobatics on the snow boarding and free skiing, and talk about b**s a little British girl gets on a tin tray and goes hell for leather down an ice chute and whops the bum's of the rest of the world, now that deserves an MBE at the very least if u ask me.
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    I agree it's been horrible coverage. Don't really get it, it's not new or rocket science. My best advice is to watch another stations coverage of it. I watch online and you can pick who commentates and how. The hockey is very exciting and a few upsets too. The Yanks losing to the Finns surprised me, looks like they didn't bring their A game. Can't wait to see the Canadians whomp Sweden for GOLD!!!!
  • stickywicket
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    However, yesterday's rugby........phwoar :lol:
    If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving definitely isn't for you.
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    Agreed although there was plenty of coverage the commentators were abysmal. Where did they get them? Expect better of the BBC.

    Kate xx
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    There seems to be a new generation of commentators who are not from the 'old school'

    Sign of the times me thinks :roll:
    Numps x
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    well we had sue barker, clare Balding and robin Cousins doing a fine job with commentary. I was more upset by some of the judging than the commentary-I do like things to be fair.
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    Looking forward to the Winter Para-Olympics starting, Ch4 have the rights to show them and they start on the 7th March!! They are more exciting I think.