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Does anyone have a critical illness policy that actually states "rheumatoid athritis" as one of the conditions? This really is a mindfield trying to get cover....


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    I would doubt it, tinydancer, as RA is not a critical illness unlike cancer, heart disease etc. i think you are looking for a policy covering pre-existing conditions. Most insurers will. It becomes more expensive but don't be tempted to withhold anything or else you might as well not be insured at all. Get a few different quotes before choosing.

    How are you feeling now? Any better? I hope so.
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    Hi stickywicket
    Yes I'm feeling so much better today thanks x
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    I had a policy for critical illness which I had taken out to cover my mortgage but unknown to me there must have been a section for Total Permanent Disablement Benefit. I only found this out by chance when I went to cancel the policy as I was having to tighten my belt, if it hadn't been for a nice young lady saying I had a good case to claim I would never have been any the wiser. It is OA I have but my claim was for my neurological condition which is not terminal but permanent and getting worse. I would reckon RA would come under permanent disablement it is worth asking............Marie x
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