Age is just a number

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I was talking to my good friend in The Netherlands earlier on Skype and I was saying how I felt turning 41 is freaking me out and that I keep thinking I'm only 9 years away from 50 now! :shock: But I still feel 18 in my head which is weirding me out. Then I thought if I turn it round then I'm only 14!! :wink: But then remembered that time was a horrible time in my life. So I will stick with the 41 year old with the mind of an 18 year old, right who's for a drink then........... :D


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    Never one to turn down a drink Bubba, I'll join you.
    As I'm now 58 I'm dreading 60! But I can't do anything about it, so think I'll have a big party to celebrate :wink:
    In my head I'm 24, sadly my body isn't in my head :?
    Happy birthday,
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    I like your thinking bubba :D

    I remember being 29, I was dreading coming up to 30, my friends bought me a pack of 'bob martins' conditioning and a bottle of 'sonatogen (sp) tonic' to see me through!!!
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    I don't think that feeling goes away. I know several people, healthy painfree ones :shock: that are seventy and beyond who say they feel in their heads they are still in their 20's...
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    I'm 58 but the only time I think about it is when I'm filling forms in. Otherwise I'm about 30 still. I'm glad I'll only be 20 when I'm 70 Boomer. :lol:
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    I'm 67.......but only my body reminds me of that :lol:
    In my mind I'm a lot younger.
    I was told once that ................Age is mind over matter

    If you don't doesn't matter :lol:

    I liked that one

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    Well it looks like we all feel the same way! Glad I'm not the only one and going alittle do-lalley!!
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    I'm counting backwards. So instead of being 51 this year I was 49 again.

    Actually I'm enjoying my life in my 50's. I no longer worry about putting on weight, make-up and expensive clothes. I'm happy in myself at long last.

    All the best
    Elizabeth x
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    I am 58 and I am absolutely dreading being 60. I must admit lately because of my arthritis I have been feeling about 70 but hopefully with my new hip I will be back to feeling 40 again, especially when I get back to my weight as I am somewhat peeved that I have put on a stone since having my THR which I know is all the fluid in my leg!
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    Hello Bubba
    I feel young in my mind and think I can do anything I used to do and wonder why I cant then I remember my sister sue and I will be 73 this year
    never mind we have are dogs and mobility scoota's
    take care
    joan xx
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    Wow! I'm blown away at the response to my little 'getting off the chest' post! I'm so pleased I'm not the only one who feels younger in their head and still want to do things so when they get the chance try and adapt it so you still can. My OH has found a place where you can interact with some amazing animals like holding and feeding a meerkat and walking with a lioness cub! His business partner went to this place the weekend and was going to look into disabled people being able to doing the experience at this place which is in Telford. So fingers crossed I can go and do it!! :?
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    That sounds wonderful let us know
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    bubba sorry I'm late seeing this....41 eh like you say we have to make the most of what we have..I'm 64 in May... :shock: I feel like I was in my 30s then turned around and fell into my 60s...very strange how quickly times goes...I do feel lucky that there are so many places that cater for disabled..the place you talk about sounds so the way forgot to say I am 20 in my GC think I am cool.. :lol:
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    It's a common phenomenon, my mum died aged six months before her 90th birthday but still felt '21 inside'. I reckon that those who defy their age do so by keeping their minds active and alert. I'm 55, feel 105 and remember turning 30 as the best year of my life; it's been downhill ever since. :lol: DD