On the way down again .

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Have tried hard for last 3 weeks to get back into target but have only succeeded in put on half a pound so this week I taken my target down by half a stone from the previous one and on my current weight have just 1and a half lb to loose so trying for that this week then I can go away on hols back at target. :lol:


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    Well done Carole
    You make me feel guilty....was at target.....haven't been for ages because of THR but was so sure I would get straight back.
    Then......he presto......doing one of their exercises weeks post op I fractured thre greater trochanter bone {at the replacement} So worse of that before they started.
    Goodness knows when I'll get back and I'm useless at sticking to plan when I feel like this and cant get out etc.
    So keep going....get to target for hols then you have that extra to play with.
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    Keep at it girl, you have done so well and I am deeply impressed. I really must start doing something about my extra bits of poundage . . . . . DD wanders off, nibbling a biscuit. :wink:
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    Mig follows DD hoping for crumbs . Mig
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    Blimey Carol...I think you could be running your own slimming group...like you say at least you can enjoy a guilt free holiday... :D xx
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    Good on you Carol, I am needing to take a leaf out of your book can you send me some motivation please :shock: You will have a great holiday knowing you can relax a bit......................Marie x