Mothers Day

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spent a lovely afternoon with my eldest daughter today we had lunch by the river nearby to where I live curtesy of daughter who paid and then having some quality mother and daughter time drinking tea and chatting .
and weather was nice and warm so a good afternoon had by us both.


  • HannahT
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    Sounds wonderful! As the sun was shinning we had a lovely bbq out in the garden to celebrate Mothers Day.
  • Turbogran
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    Yes it was lovely Hannah cos it was unhurried quality time neither of us was in any hurry and ive just read original post it was with my youngest daughter not the eldest :oops: good job they don't read this cos I would have in trouble :roll: :roll: :lol::lol:
  • mamasmurf
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    Met up with my 3 and their spouses on the beach . Lovely to have the whole family together .
  • barbara12
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    Carol that sounds idyllic...lunch by the river..with your lovely daughter ,,glad you had such a good time..we decided to go out for something to eat and couldn't get in anywhere so my eldet son bought us a Indian takeaway last night.. :D xx
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    It sounds as if we all had a lovely Mothers day, my eldest son took me out for lunch (his other half was visiting her mum) we hadn't had a one on one for years! It was the best M'day I've had for ages :D