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Evening everyone

I hope everyone is well tonight. Saw the surgeon tonight for the results on my knee. Thankfully no torn cartilage or ligaments. However I have large amounts of bruising on the bone which is causing the cartilage to rub over it. The surgeon injected steroids into the knee.

Having a special knee brace fitted at my local hospital next week and I see the surgeon in 4 weeks. If the injection hasn't worked, I will need keyhole surgery to trim the cartilage down. I can go back to work in 2 weeks time :) I have to keep my hours reduced until I see him again. Once the knee is sorted everything will fall into place with the recovery of the THR.

So glad that it wasn't anything serious and it can be rectified with minor surgery if it comes to that.

Sarah x


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    Hope the injection works and you don't need the keyhole,rest up if you can.Mig
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    That sounds very hopeful, Sarah, and I'm pleased. You are also being very positive about it. As mig says, rest the knee for 24 hours as it helps the injection to stay where needed. Good luck with the rest :D
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    Hello Sarah I was wondering how you had got on..seems like a good appointment as appointments go :shock: ..I really hope the injections work well for you , and should imagine when you get the brace fitted then it will feel much stronger...xx