Total Ankle Replacement

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I will most likely have to have a total ankle replacement and am really scared. I've learned that the prosthetics used are only in their second generation and do not last or perform as well as knee or hip replacements. Can anyone share with me the type of prosthetic they have, how they are doing with it and what is involved with the rehabilitation, drawbacks etc.?


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    Hi there. I've had knees and hps but my ankles did a DIY job of fusing themselves so I can tell you nothing about the op. However, 'trepolpen' has had this op, I think, so you might find it helpful to look up his old threads and, with luck, he'll see yours anyway. Also, lower down this page, 'quercus' is about to have a partial replacement. Good luck!
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    Hi Alpine

    If you used the "search for" or "Search" at the top of the screen you will find past Total Ankle Replacement postings which may be of help to you.

    Elna x
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    Hello alpine
    Like Elna say if you use the search button we have had a few people that have either had a ankle replacement or there ankle fused...I just remember them saying they had to wear a cast for so many weeks then a boot.
    Hope you can find something...and if you let us know when your op is we can all support you...x
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    Thank you all so much for your quick responses. I am a new member to this group and am delighted to share and learn from you. I will persevere...!!
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