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Hi everyone! Things are nuts at the moment, just got over the nasty flu bug and now it's countdown to me & the OH's holiday! Started going through the 'to do list'. Doing pretty well with it till this morning when I woke up and after getting round and into sitting position on the bed I went to stand up when 'oooouuucchh!' I must have trapped a nerve in my lower back close to my right hip. Every sudden movement or slight bend is agony! Can't believe this has happened when it's only 9 days till we go away, I just hope it un-traps before we go! :(


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    I hope so too, it must be very uncomfortable. Take it easy for today, yes? DD
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    Just what you don't need. Trapped nerve or pulled muscle? Either way, I hope it settles down quickly.
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    bubba that is not nice, why do these thing happen just before our holidays my OH would say its because I flap..have you tried ice to stop the nerve swelling...and rest it...I do hope it eases up for you then you can have a lovely holiday x
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    Hope it eases for you soon Bubba not very nice thing to happen just before your holiday xx
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    Oh Bubba
    What a time to start.......Its always the case isn't as much as is possible beforehand