Is my Sick Pay amount good?

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I'm just wondering what the standard sick pay is for companies? I know it varies form company to company but I'm still curious as to what people get.

I get 7 month full pay for my sick pay, is that good compared to a lot of places?

Thank you! :)


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    I'd say that's very good. I'm a teacher and due to my length of service get 6 months full pay and 6 half, holidays get counted in automatically unless you are in school the day before, I'm therefore going back for the last two days of term to avoid this.
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    I'm only in my 20s and I'm thinking about my future as my surgeon said my feet are going to get a lot worse even with more operations.

    I know I'll be a regular user of my sick pay.

    I went for an interview as I really want to get a new job and they said they would only pay up to 3 weeks in any one year no matter how long I've been there of sick pay and they said that is very good as a lot of companies won't pay anything.

    After their comment on sick pay it's made me realise that I properly need to stay in my job, only because of the sick pay and being able to live whiles off sick, then the fact I don't really enjoy my job.

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