The Last Letting Go.

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I arranged her funeral, I sold her house and now I've sold her jewellery (apart from four pieces which no-one else will ever have because they will be burned with me).

On the plus side I used the money raised from the jewels to subsidise a piece of my own (which will be left to my god-daughter). It's a one-off genuine Art Deco ring and it's stunning.

Thank you, Ma and Pa, you made this possible. I love you both very much. DD


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    (((()))) Mig
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    That is a lovely item to buy in memory of your parents and something you will treasure for many years to come.

    When my Mum passed away I bought a doll as a replacement for one I'd owned one as a child and it had been lost over the years and I just had a need to replace it. It was my favourite ever Christmas present and my Mum and Sister had encouraged me to buy it at the time.

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    I hope your doll is somewhere safe, sound and warm, tkachev. And thank you for the hugs, Mig, I am somewhat wobbly.

    It's a bittersweet day - but then aren't they all? :? DD
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    It's always nice to keep something as a reminder of the love you shared. I have an old ring that was my Gran's and I treasure it every day. Every time I look at it, I think of her and it makes me smile :wink:
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    What a lovely idea to buy yourself a special piece of jewellery. My parents did not leave much money as they never owned their own house and Mum was in a home for the last few years of her life. However I was given a small amount of money when my Dad died which I spent on the garden as he was a keen gardener and I also bought myself a beautiful hand crafted wooden jewellery box as he loved wood. When Mum died I recieved a couple of grand which I used to take my daughter and myself on a dream holiday of a cruise down the Nile and on the first night toaste her with a G and T. These things are never easy, but memories do keep those we love and have lost alive.
    Take it easy and be kind to yourself
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    That's a lovely thing to buy yourself hun.
    I have some cufflinks that were grandads, a pen set that was dad's and am still waiting for something that was grandma's.
    None of the above are worth anything in monetary value but worth the world to me.

    You know what's coming your way so brace yourself young lady

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    An excellent idea. I hope the ring brings much pleasure for a long time.
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    I am sure it will give you a lot of pleasure as my flat has given me with the money I got from my dear mums estate, enjoy DD (((()))) xx
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    The ring sounds like a lovely thing to have and to treasure. Letting go is never easy. (((DD)))) x
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    DD Your someone after my own heart! I love jewellery especially rings and necklaces. I too sold my mother-in-laws jewellery after a long discussion with my OH after he told me to do it and I didn't want to. It's so lovely that at the end of a terribly hard you can come out of it with something special to you that will remind you of your parents and that can be passed down. Sending you big (())'s
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    Oh DD I'm so sorry I missed this!!

    What a lovely thing to have financed. I'm sure ul treasure it & the pieces you kept!! I'm not surprised you were wobbly ... I'd have been falling in a heap with the losses you've suffered!!

    ((((Hugs)))) I'm only a message away if you ever need me.

    Xxx xxX

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