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Today Tuesday 24th June my wonderful dad would have been 100 years old,we lost him over twenty years ago it still hurts as much now as it did then,it's also my fantastic daughters 34 th birthday ,happy birthday to both. Mig


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    He would have been 100 today? My Dad was determined to make it to 100 because his mum did, but he died on 26 June 2002, aged 82. :( I remember I had to renew my car tax the same day, a very prosaic thing to do on a very difficult day.

    I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday - any treats planned? DD
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    We got her tickets to some cake baking thing she wants to do also hubby got us tickets to see Alfie Boe when he comes to nottm in dec,she's off out with friends tonite . Mig
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    Aww always miss them, its 21 years for my dad and 30 for my enjoy your day with your daughter, I am sure your dad knows he is in your thoughts..((()))
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    Happy birthday to both, indeed. How lovely that they shared a birthday! I hope you can remember all the good things today and not the sadness of the loss.
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    Hello Mig
    i hope your daughter has a lovely day. you will have memories of both birthdays.
    take care
    joan xx
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    Happy Birthday to your daughter mig, you enjoy all the nice memories of your lovely dad (((())))....................Marie xx
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    My Dad would have been 100 last year, which I found almost unbelievable to think. Happy birthday to your daughter and happy memories all round. x

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