I got some REALLY good exercise today

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This afternoon, I was relaxing in the garden, trying to get my daily dose of vitamin D and suddenly the Fluffster runs up and dumps a large claw of (an obviously) dead bird at my feet. Well, I wouldn't call it run but I did move pretty darn quickly. :lol: My vocal cords may also have got some exercise at the surprise of a bird's claw being delivered to me!

I know cats do this sort of thing but dogs?! Eww! <shudders>


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    Aha, you've witnessed the other side of 'owning' an animal. I know that cats do this, apparently as a 'thank you' to those who feed them but it's not unknown for dogs.; the chances are he / she found a dead bird (courtesy of a cat) and dormant instincts cut in. One of my friends has two retired greyhounds, who are the doziest and laziest of house creatures, but when they find some chickens or a deer all hell is let loose. Wildlife nil, greyhounds four (two of each). DD
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    Hello Starburst
    years ago my dachshund used to bring me baby moles when she was having her walk.
    joan xx
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    We have a fox that visits our garden but cats normally stay away due to the dog but perhaps they come at night. I knew that some dogs did this but he's never shown this sort of thing before. I think he was quite proud and I returned his pride by screeching. :P Ooops!
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    Had a dog many moons ago who would chase birds out in the fields and on occasion bring me back some of his catch. Gross!!
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    How delightful :shock: NOT!!!

    I hope your heart has stopped racing and that your throat has recovered.

    Obviously I get this a lot having Daisycat so you have my sympathy.


    Toni xxx

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